Dear Comedian,

Following (currently under construction, please check back) are examples of a finished generic design ready to add your name, a generic "thumbnail" sketch (also under construction) ready to go to the next stage of development, and an advanced thumbnail sketch and finished art (see below) of a concept by comedian Marc Ryan that was drawn and developed by one of our artists.

If you have your own idea for a shirt, make a quick sketch and send it to us. We will give you a free evaluation of what it will take in the way of cost and time regarding the finished art, separations (art to film), screens, and printing to get the shirts in you hands. (See "History 101" for more details.) Most comedians sell shirts that fall into one of these three categories; 1.) Their name, logo, or the name of their tour or CD and/or the graphics of their tour or CD, 2.) A joke, call back, or premise of a bit, or 3.) A statement, quote, or phrase that says something about what they are about

Also, Stand Up Stuff is looking for a few good writers to come up with salable generic comedy concepts and History 101 designs for T-shirts. We are also looking for generic designs for ventriloquists, gay comics, hypnotists, jugglers, musical comedy acts, and magicians. If you are interested, give me a call and I'll tell you all about how rich you will become. Plus your name will be printed on each shirt hidden somewhere in the design and in very small print, kinda like looking for Waldo... only harder.



Here is an example of an original design from an advanced thumbnail sketch to final art. (Concept by Marc Ryan)

Thumbnail Sketch Final Design

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