Dear Comedian,

If you are in desperate need of a T-shirt with an original design, or would like to investigate other ad specialty items, or would simply like to purchase a rubber face mask with red steel spikes and matching rubber diapers, then continue to read. (This paragraph was totally unnecessary, but I couldn't figure out how else to bring up the subject of rubber face masks and matching diapers.)

Stand Up Stuff will offer History 101 shirts on a periodic basis depending if there is a news story that will have interest and humor for an extended period of time. Comedians may purchase these designs in quantities of 48 or more. For those without their own shirts, these Tee's, at $4.75 to $5.75 each, are a great way to test the waters. Some of our more popular designs were the OJ Trial, the Gulf War, the Clinton/Lewinsky Affair, and Osama bin Laden. (Check back to this page at a later date to see examples of the above History 101 shirts.)

If you have an idea for a History 101 Tee or an Original Generic Design, (or as we like to call them, contradiction tee's), or would like to get more general information please E-mail or call us any time.

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