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Everyone, please take out a sharpened #2 pencil and sit up straight. We're going to have a pop quiz. Yes, I know you all love pop quizzes, so let's get started!

    Question #1:

      If a comedian works 6 shows a week for 50 weeks and sells 5 shirts a show he or she will sell 1,500 shirts. At a profit of $10 per shirt, how much profit per year will the comedian make?

    a.) Nothing, because the comedian will have spent it all on edible undies and baking soda they thought was coke.
    b.) $150 (don't choose this answer because it will make you look like you don't know how to use a decimal point, and that would be embarrassing.)
    c.) This is a trick question because no comedian in today's market can book six shows a week for fifty weeks.
    d.) $15,000

    The Answer, of course, is ....

    e.) Math questions suck, so get the hell out of my face!


If you are really into math, or own a calculator, you can also figure your profits using a larger number of T-shirts or a higher profit margin. And, to be more realistic, lets drop the work load to 42 weeks a year, working 4 days per week, two shows Friday & Saturday nights. If you sold 8 shirts per show at a $10 profit, that would give you an extra $20,160!!!

If you are now ready to take the road to wealth and adventure, call, E-mail, fax, or send a runner. Operators are not standing by, but I am (unless I'm on the golf course). Call today and I will send you a free paper clip.

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