Dear Funniest Comedian That Ever Lived,
(or as I like to call you, "Future Funniest Customer I've Ever Had")

Even though this is T-shirt #5 on this page, I have a feeling that you may have come to this page first. And I don't blame you. When I see a custom T-shirt offered for $3.80 (I know, it says $3.90 on the home page of this section; but there is a long term price reduction currently in effect and I pass along the savings to my customers) it gets my attention. Anyway, our shirts are white 100% cotton heavyweights (6.1 oz) and when printed on one side in one color ink and are ordered a gross at a time, then the pricing starts at $3.80. Different colored shirts, multiple print locations, multi-colored designs, less than minimum orders, will all naturally increase the cost of the shirt. However, almost every shirt I print comes in under $6. For instance a 3 color front and a 6 color back for a gross of Ash T's comes in at just $5.65 ea.

We have been servicing the comedy community since 1989 and have many satisfied customers including Carrot Top, Ronnie Bullard, JW Austin, Julie Scoggins, Tim Statum, Kerry White, Mike Wilson, Robert York, Steve McGrew, Tim Wilson, Scott Angrave, Jeff Allen, Monique, Mike Armstrong, Matt Davis, Allyn Ball, Spanky Brown, Ron Feingold, Rob Holloway, Jim McCue, Susanna Lee, Tony Daro, Lance Montalto, Bill Keller, Derek Richards, Mark Ryan, Killer Beaz, Kid Dave Miller, Leslie Norris, Lester Bibbs, Spike Rizzo, Phil Hogan, Mark Saldana, Roy Wood Jr., Shaun Jones, Johnny Millwater, Brad Tassell, Grandma Lee, Michael Shader, Michael Allen, Kenny Smith, Tanyalee Davis, Peter Hefty, Frankie Paul, Al Ernst, R Bruce, Jerry Farber, Mark Evans, Kurt Green, Rodney Carrington, Todd Justice, Pat Godwin, Charles Viracola, Azeem Muhammad, Daryll Rhoades,  Joe West, Mike Speanburg, Mike Brennan, Ken Evans, Tommy James, Todd Yohn, among others, that will come to me as soon as I stop typing.

We will warehouse your shirts and send them to you as you need them. And we have a number of artists ready to make you a merchandising mogul. To answer more of your questions, please go to T-shirt # 1 and feel free to  call me at anytime, unless you are working the west coast and you decide to call at 1:00 in the morning.

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