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New Location!
Starz Comedy Zone Independence Blvd. at 485 click here for a map:
11329 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105

Mondays from 7:00 until 10:00 (Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer)

$300 ($150 Deposit to lock in your space, remainder due 1 week before class)


This class is the perfect aid for those that:

  • want to improve corporate speaking or communication skills

  • would like to build confidence, "hone" a sense of humor or increase their level of self-esteem.

  • want to add depth to acting, music performances, or other areas of the performing arts.
  • wish to embark on a career (part or full time) in stand-up comedy.
We concentrate on two main areas, comedy writing and stage presence (character development, delivery and comedic timing.) The classes are fun and interactive and guaranteed to make you "funnier" by the end of six weeks.

Q. How much time do I perform on graduation night?
A: Three to four minutes, depending on the strength of your material. You can do as little as two minutes.

Q Do I have to perform on graduation night?
A: No, we have had a number of students who have taken the course for reasons that dont require a performance on graduation night. However those students miss out on one of the greatest highs you would ever experience.

Q If I am unable to attend one of the classes, what effect will that have?
A: If its one of the first two classes, we will video tape the class for you.

Q Can we get help in the time between classes?
A: Yes, we are the only comedy school in the country that offers its students on-line help with material written between classes.

Q Will I be able to come to Comedy Zone to see the shows for "educational" purposes?
A: Yes, in fact we encourage it. A phone call to Joel Pace at Heffron Talent International will take care of getting you and a guest free admission for all non-celebrity performances and some concert performances, if seats are available. This perk applies to attendance at the Comedy Zone after graduation as well, on a limited basis.

Q How soon will I be able to get work after graduation?
A: It depends on the strength of your set & the availability of bookings. Most people need a number of open mic appearances before they are ready to be the first comedian on a bill of three.

Q Are the graduation performances recorded?
A: Yes, and everyone in the class gets a free copy.

Tom's comedy career started in 1982 when he met Jay Leno and discussed starting a night of comedy at his nightclub in Greenville, NC. Comedy ensued and he hosted the Attic's Comedy Zone for four years while developing his writing skills on topical events.

In 1988 he moved to Charlotte to take over the slot of senior booking agent for Creative Entertainment. Over the next decade Tom reviewed over 1300 comedian videotapes, which led to giving full set evaluations to some of the best touring comedians on the circuit.

He took lessons in "topical comedy writing" from Bill Keller, a writer for the Tonight Show. He then dipped into a number of comedy writing avenues, becoming a member of Jay Leno's "fax team," contributing to AM Mayhem on the Cartoon Network, "punching" movie scripts, co-writing a screenplay, and recently completing a novel. And, he has written for numerous comedians on today's comedy circuit.

"I really love to take an already funny bit and make it funnier."

Joel is the current head booking agent for Heffron Talent International (The largest Comedy Booking Agency in the Nation) and all 40+ of "The Comedy Zone" Stand Up Comedy Clubs! Joel has been in the "Biz" for over 15 years dating back to the early 90's as a bartender at "The Comedy Zone" in Charlotte NC and quickly moving up to General Manager and Corporate Operations Manager for the company! Joel has written for a number of comedians including, Paul Hooper, Randy Matson, Charlie Viracola, and Carrot Top just to name a few! Over the past decade Joel has developed one of the best "EYES" in the business of what is funny and what is not! As one of the main players in the comedy business, Joel will be leading you into a comedic future! (He is also going to break Tom's record of viewing tapes)

For more information call Tom Haines at 704-542-2868 or e-mail